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A system as reliable as the engineering that powers it.

When it comes to selecting the best building automation system, there’s a lot to consider. It’s not just finding the right system, it’s delivering the system in the most effective way. In other words, you want a scalable BAS that is delivered easily, accurately and cost-effectively.

You need a BAS that gives you everything you’re looking for. And that’s where Facility Explorer ® comes in. It combines all the strength and reliability of the Niagara platform with the proven ease of engineering that only comes with Johnson Controls. This makes installation, configuration and commissioning faster and easier than ever.

It’s easy to use, and install

Facility Explorer ® is efficient, scalable, secure and open. Its architecture is distributed so that components can be located as closely as possible to the equipment they control. This provides optimum performance and reliability. Its scalability allows for components to be added as needed in order to control building and systems of varying complexity, size and scope. Its security features help protect against unauthorized access to data and control systems. Lastly, it integrates third party devices and earlier generations of Facility Explorer components to unify and modernize their operation.

Facility Explorer supervisory controllers are the brains behind the operation of every building. They’ve been engineered so that a control application can be built in minutes with prebuilt and tested control modules. Plus, with easy to navigate screen graphics, they can also customize control schemes and simulate operating conditions.

Facility Explorer Programmable Controllers are the end component of the Facility Explorer experience. They’re designed to provide direct, closed loop control over mechanical and electrical HVAC equipment, and quickly build and deploy a quality control solution.

High technology without the high maintenance.

One of the best parts about Facility Explorer ® is that no one at the building needs to be a techy programmer. Facility Explorer control technology will automatically create a data base of HVAC equipment performance information, energy use, alarms and more. Plus, we’ve added innovative out-of–the box applications scalable to any building. This includes advancements like chiller optimization to ensure the equipment is managed efficiently.

The costliest aspects of operating facilities are energy use, equipment wear and tear and time. So we’ve designed Facility Explorer to help manage them all. With advancements like continuous loop tuning, wireless communications and an intuitive user interface, Facility Explorer can easily communicate critical information to everyone who needs to know.

As enterprises grow more sophisticated and facilities spread out, things don’t get any easier. They still need to manage costs and install efficient equipment that ensures comfort and productivity. That’s why Facility Explorer has been designed to make everything as easy as possible.

It does this through wireless or wired field controllers and devices that provide direct closed-loop control over mechanical and HVAC equipment. It also uses supervisory controllers to deliver network-wide coordination for single or multiple sites.

Facility Explorer System Architecture

The Facility Explorer team uses its commitment to innovation to meet any building management need. The end result is an integrated, comprehensive control solution that only Johnson Controls can provide.