Facility Management Solutions

Facilio - At Facilio, there is a continuous rethinking of the ways buildings are being managed - shifting traditional, tactical facilities management towards predictive, smarter facilities experience.

Facilio is an enterprise IoT data platform for real-time facilities operations & maintenance. With Facilio you could consolidate silo-ed building systems & data in a cloud platform and enable integrated O&M workflows & use cases. This would seamlessly connect various stakeholders across portfolio to gain data-driven insights in real time.

By empowering people, machines, and facilities to achieve high levels of efficiency, we help the built environment contain operational expenses and thrive towards sustainability. Facilio was founded by ex-Zoho veterans with over 17 years of Saas and IoT expertise and is backed by Accel Partners and other leading Investors.

What Facilio Does

Facilio is an all-in-one software suite that puts CREs and FMs in the driver’s seat of their portfolio by enabling centralized maintenance and operations with predictive and real-time actionable insights.

From a traditional method of reactive and tactical management of the facilities to a Predictive and Strategic experience, Facilio, our one of its kind of a Facility Management Solution provides to the Facility Managers and Business Owners, the smartest way to manage the facilities. Facilio is an IoT powered software suite for unified facilities and sustainability management. Facilio uses IoT and AI to help CREs uniquely manage portfolio-wide building operations, maintenance sustainability and the tenant experience onto a single platform. This results in Centralised Operations, Predictive fault detection, Integration with the existing systems, Real time asset performance analysis, Contextual Maintenance, IoT Driven energy analysis and a Dynamic tenant experience.

It's unique IoT-driven technology integrates seamlessly with existing multi-vendor BMS, BAS, HVAC, elevator, fire-control systems and provides contextual insights to achieve best building performance with no added hardware. Facilio is designed from the ground up for every stakeholder - including building owners, facility managers, technicians, and tenants - to help them do what they do, in a smarter way.

The tasks, approvals and submission processes are fully mobile driven and the facility managers enjoy intuitive user-specific dashboards. With custom, multi-level notifications on task status and updates and Self-build reports on efficiency of technicians, resolution time, open work orders, SLA violations, and much more, the Management is always in control with all details and data at their finger tips.

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Our Product Suite

Facilio is an enterprise-scale software solution built for CREs to achieve superior building performance in real-time. Our applications include,

Building Operations and Maintenance Suite

  • Work Order (Ticket) Management
  • Preventive and Predictive Maintenance
  • Asset and Space Management
  • Helpdesk and Tenant Portal

Sustainability Performance Suite

  • Predictive Energy Analytics
  • Fault Detection and Diagnostics
  • Deep HVAC Monitoring
  • Tenant Billing