Dormakaba Total Access

Dormakaba Evolo and Evolo Smart

Wireless, Integratable, Upgradable

With evolo you bring sustainable security to your company. The modular concept and gradual expansion option provide the basis for adaptation to your needs, even if requirements change over time. From individual doors to managing all access points in your system, indoors or out, for employees, visitors or suppliers – evolo is an easy-to-program access system for extra convenience, flexibility and economic efficiency.

The digital access components are standalone operated (cable-free) and thus, can be built into practically every door quickly and easily. The vast array of access media guarantees maximum convenience for your employees. Thus, evolo not only protects your property, but also your investment. The wireless solution is made for securing accesses in a system in real time. Without having to lay a cable, you can directly program access rights from the comfort of your desk: You block lost access media immediately and can give new access rights to replacement media. Wireless components can be easily integrated through clever routers – the wireless gateways. In the case of longer distances, the operating range can be increased by a wireless extender. One gateway supports up to 16 door components.Your door events are displayed and battery statuses can also be retrieved at any time. Your entire administration and maintenance work is reduced thanks to convenient planning and execution from your desktop PC. Even firmware updates can be performed at your desk. You save time and money

Use the Kaba evolo Manager (KEM) software to clearly and easily manage users, media and door components. Assigning access rights and programming media and door components is exceptionally intuitive thanks to straightforward menus and workflows. In addition, all access and system events can be viewed at a glance whenever you like.

The evolo access system - simply the right choice for you. Choose from battery-operated standalone components to wireless locking elements that can be easily connected and programmed via radio.The dormakaba evolosmart Android app regulates which people can access your door. You do not need any additional hardware to program the locking components – instead, you can do this quickly and easily using your smartphone. Whether for your children, your neighbours or your partner, the evolo smart app allows you to organise all access rights quickly and easily. It helps you to organise your busy life, because with the evolo smart app you keep your options open. Issue new access media such as a card or a key fob, and delete them whenever you want.

In addition to the key fobs and cards, you also can use your smartphone as an access medium. To authorise it, just get a virtual key via the evolo smart app. Send it electronically to the smartphone on which you have downloaded the free DOOR by dormakaba app. Then, just walk right in. With the free evolo smart app, you define who has access to your home. If you would like to give time-limited access to certain individuals, just define the time profile simply by tapping on the app. Use the app to issue and delete access media and update your door components. The status information of the door is shown directly on your smartphone. And the best part: You don’t need an internet connection to do all this, evolo smart runs offline.

Matrix One

Simple, Secure, Browser based

MATRIX ONE is the secure access solution tailored to the needs of small and medium size enterprises. Enjoy the benefits of an easy all-round system, both in terms of installation and operation: the out-of-the-box solution is rolled out in no time and the modern intuitive interface is user-friendly. MATRIX ONE is installed on a PC or server on the premises.

Since the system is preconfigured, it is up and running in no time. All you need to do is enter the access media to immediately benefit from the secure, simple and browser-based access solution. MATRIX ONE is installed on a PC or server for you to manage, so you always keep full control over your access solution. The system also complies with the latest standards in access control. The following solutions can be implemented:

Online : The access points are wired to the access control center through network. New access system are sent in real time to access points via the network.

Wireless Online : The access points are wirelessly linked to the access system. Events can be directly forwarded to or requested by the system. Access rights can therefore be granted and withdrawn within seconds.

Whitelist : The access points are not wired and access rights are stored in the access points. Rights are uploaded to the components on site via the programmer 14 60.

Access on card : The access points are not wired. Access rights are written onto the ID card via online readers, dispensing with a complex wired infrastructure. The battery status of a component can be transferred to the system via the ID card.

As no software is installed on the PCs, tablets and smartphones, there is no need for updates later on, either. The system is easy-to-learn, automatically adjusts to the size of the browser window and can thus also be deployed efficiently in distributed organisations – no matter whether via tablet, smartphone or PC. Once installed on your server, the browser-based system can be accessed by every computer in your network. All of this facilitates operation, installation and maintenance.

Kaba Exos 9300

The Complete Access Management Solution

No matter whether you need an access solution for an SME, A Big Corporate, university or industrial company, Kaba Exos precisely maps your organisation's security needs, so that you can resolve all your access tasks easily and reliably, even for many sites, sectors and users.

Well-organised access rights : The larger your enterprise, the more tasks to be solved. More the people, departments and sites your enterprise has, the more diverse your requirements will be. Regardless of whether a person moves department or a business unit moves to another building, or an external service provider is working on site for a week, or a guest is to have ready access to a meeting room for a couple of hours, Kaba exos 9300 keeps all access rights easily under your control.

The right access for every need : Kaba Exos allows you to manage and perform all tasks centrally. The particular technical solution used on your accesses is of no consequence. For you can easily map even complex door situations in the system yourself. You need not worry when new requirements come up, they simply become part of your holistic access solution.


Comprehensive access solution
  • From simple entrances to complex door controls
  • PIN and biometric verification
  • Gates with weight comparison
  • Barrier or elevator controls
  • Access per dual control
Efficient access management
  • Easy assignment of access rights
  • Role-based access rights on assuming new tasks or organisational changes
  • Integrated process steps
  • Changes immediately effective (online)
  • Access rights valid from set date e.g. when incorporating new sites
  • Access rights for a specific period
  • Virtual function test for access rights on entrances
Support various functions through modular licenses which could be purchased based on needs
  • Visitor Management
  • Master Key System Management
  • Contractor Management
  • Tenant Management
  • Parking Management
  • Key Depot Control
  • Badges & Media Management
  • ERP Integration
  • Time & Attendance Management
  • Kiosk solutions
  • Interface to 3rd party applications

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