As the name implies, Value IBMS Solutions Pvt. Ltd provides Valuable Solutions in the field of Integrated Building Management Systems. We are a progressive company that endeavours to deliver end to end solutions by undertaking complete turnkey services in IBMS, starting from concept development through detailed design & engineering, supply, implementation and finally life cycle support, thus defining any Building as Smart, Intelligent and Energy Efficient.

Incorporated in March 2014, Value IBMS Solutions Pvt. Ltd, with its growing strength of work force, has its registered office in Chennai and the operations are spread pan-India.

We offer solutions in the field of HVAC Controls and Automation, Energy Monitoring, Safety and Security. Our Controls solutions include BMS, Chiller Plant Optimization, Energy assessments audits and BMS validation. Our Safety and Security solutions include Fire Alarm Systems, Access Control systems, CCTV Systems, Intruder Alarm Systems and Public Address Systems. We also provide an IoT powered Facility Management Solution for unified facilities and sustainability management.

Our In-house Software development team also develop software solutions for various IBMS requirements like BMS Reports, Facility Management Tools, Machine cards, Billing Software, T&A reports, Visitor & Canteen Management, Lift integration with Access Control as well as other Access Reports. We also undertake PCB level repair services of all IBMS products and components as we value the investment of customers.

Our other services include Annual Maintenance Contracts, Operation & Maintenance contracts, On Call services, Product level repairs and 24X7 remote support. Our pool of dedicated, experienced and technically skilled Engineers and Technicians, work round the clock to ensure that the systems are given life, operated as per the OEM recommendations and have a 99.9% uptime during its life cycle.

Our Management Team

The promoters, who are directly managing the company, have a combined experience of about 8 decades in key technical and management roles in their previous tenures at various Industry Leading Organisations. They have been instrumental in delivering some of the successful installations across the country and have led teams supporting the life cycle of these installations.

N. Panchatcharam

Panchatcharam (easily called as Pancha) is the founder and serving Managing Director of Value IBMS Solutions which was incorporated in March 2014. He is a techno savvy, hard core programmer whose prime passion is coding and innovating.

He entered the IBMS industry in 2002 as a tech support engineer and later went on to manage regional services. A certified technical professional in multiple IBMS products and solutions, he also develops softwares for various system interfaces and reporting.

Brijesh. S

Brijesh has an experience of 2 decades in the IBMS industry. He started his career as a Commissioning Engineer, later leading the commissioning team. He has given life to more than 30 IBMS installations across the country in the first 6 years of his career. Later he moved on to head Service operations Pan-India for about 10 years, managing a team of over 125 Engineers. He additionally served as Marketing Manager for Security Solutions and Product Manager for a few IBMS OEMs in the past. He is associated with ViMS since June 2017.

A. Shanmugavelayutham

Shanmugavelayutham (Velu, as he is called) started his career as a commissioning engineer in the year 2000. He became the Head of the regional commissioning team initially and subsequently the head of Commissioning pan-India for Sauter Race Technologies. He has handled over 75 IBMS projects. Velu is a certified technical expert in various IBMS systems and solutions and was also responsible for all HVAC & BMS trainings in his previous tenure. He is associated with ViMS since June 2017.

G. Manikandan

Manikandan (GMK, as he is popularly known) is one of the well-known faces of the IBMS Industry in Pharma segment. GMK started his career as a Project Engineer and later served as the Branch Manager for Ahmedabad region handling both sales and operations. In his previous tenure with Carrier Race Technologies, he led the Pharma Vertical and was involved in closing various BMS project deals across the country and supported the customers with implementation. He is also a BMS technical expert and is associated with ViMS since February 2018.