CCTV surveillance & Video Management Solutions

We can provide CCTV surveillance solutions of any leading brands at very competitive prices. From an analog system to an IP based CCTV system integrated to World class Video management platforms, we provide you the necessary consultation support and help you design the system that would suite your requirements and budgets.

Our monitoring solutions are intelligent and scalable with enhanced image quality at lower bandwidths. The solutions provide you all necessary tools for intelligent digital recording as well as performing any analysis or to integrate with other systems or a video management software. We also provide options of cloud storage and remote monitoring through our world class solutions.

Our range of products and solutions includes cameras of various resolutions and types, Video Management Software, encoders, switches and all kinds of accessories as required for a CCTV implementation. Our expertise as an IBMS solution provider helps easy integration of the CCTV with analytics and access control which contributes to a safer workplace or environment and increases the business efficiency. We could provide you solutions from the leading CCTV brands like Honeywell, Hikvision, Dahua and Axis.

Digifort - Founded in 2002, Digifort is an award-winning software development company that specializes in video surveillance software and video monitoring intelligence. Digifort is represented in 140 countries through our Distributor.

Digifort is making the next big advance in VMS technology, furthering our vision of going ‘Beyond Expectations’. Their integrated solution opens up so many new possibilities, reaffirming the Company’s commitment to becoming a global leader in VMS technology.Far beyond traditional video security, the new wave of artificial intelligence and application solutions based on deep learning, are helping Digifort to make better sense of the data which were not possible in the past. Digifort's commitment is to deliver these new technologies in a transparent way.

The solutions are proven to be extremely stable, more responsive and less CPU intensive than competition.the solution is designed to revolutionize how users interact with and gain situational awareness from many different systems under one platform and this new level of proactive response is set to help change the future of video surveillance operations.

Dragon fruit - Dragonfruit AI is the industry-leading Enterprise Video AI platform. Dragonfruit help enterprises leverage their existing video infrastructure to remotely manage all their locations, investigate incidents centrally for safety and loss prevention, optimize occupancy across buildings, and combine real-world traffic with revenue data to deliver actionable insights. Their AI-powered SaaS solutions are priced by consumption, with no per-camera/per-location/per-user fees, and no capex barriers to get started. The cloud-native platform easily extends to hybrid and on-prem deployments. Dragonfruit helps transform enterprise video data into business intelligence.