Argus Wireless Fire Alarm Solution

Since being formed in 2000, Argus Security has grown into a leading name for the design and manufacture of specialist fire detection and alarm products. This impressive portfolio extends from a comprehensive range of specialist intelligent wireless and wired solutions.

The Argus wireless fire system is market leading, in both its depth of the product range and the technology of its components. Designed and built around the latest standards ensures the system provides the same high levels of reliability and life safety provided by a wired system, alongside the superior flexibility of wireless technology. The wireless elements can be used on their own to build wholly wireless systems of virtually any size and complexity or mixed with the Argus wired products to provide seamless hybrid solutions which are both highly competitive and extremely flexible.

The Argus range of translators and expanders are compatible with several leading protocols and communicate fully intelligent device information and panel instructions between the control panel and field devices.

The Translator Module is one of the core components of the Argus intelligent hybrid fire detection and alarm system. When connected on to a compatible loop, the unit is capable of linking up to 32 fully intelligent wireless field devices with the fire alarm system. The translator allows fully intelligent and seamless integration of the wireless devices alongside standard wired devices or can be used independently to form completely wireless systems. The wireless translator is loop powered with bidirectional wireless communication and is compatible with up to 7 expander modules.

The Argus Expander Module is compatible with all Argus Wireless intelligent translators. The unit provides a convenient method to increase radio communication range beyond that possible from a single translator by relaying the radio communication to further expanders or directly to the wireless field devices. This functionality makes it possible to build large fully wireless systems or add wireless devices into areas where cabling for translators is difficult or impossible. All expanders are fully monitored ensuring the highest levels of life safety and reliability are maintained.

The Argus Conventional Interface Module has been designed to allow the integration of wireless detection and alarm type field devices into almost any type of system. Regardless of whether the system is intelligent or conventional the unit can be simply connected to a conventional zone, sounder circuit or both, directly or via loop modules. The wireless field devices connect to the system as non-addressable devices, however still utilise the same well-proven wireless technology as Argus intelligent wireless devices and are fully monitored for alarm and fault.

The Argus wireless alarm devices offer both Audio, Visual and combined units to provide a warning solution to most applications. Both the audio and visual products come in both a wall mounted or base mounted option. Colour variants and weatherproof options are also available. The field devices include Wireless Remote Indicator, a low profile unit with a large red LED panel, which can be used to indicate a variety of events or alarms on the fire system, wireless sounder base with and without visual indication, wireless call point, wireless intrinsically safe heat , smoke and multi detectors, dual optical smoke detectors, etc.

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